Preview of the PREMIUM Collection catalog


Work on our latest catalog PREMIUM Collection, which will soon be released, are in full swing.

Our lamps are like children to us, that is why we approach with so much care the process of designing, creating, connecting lamps in series, and finally placing them in the catalog ...

Before we give our catalog to you, we would like to introduce you one of our lamp series from the latest catalog, which in our opinion is a great illustration of the direction we have taken to create the PREMIUM Collection.

In the picture: QUAD lamps - innovative and unconventional floor and table lamps!

Lamps in a classic form, are softened with a modern element in the form of a built-in LED module on two sides of the wooden base. Controlled by an integrated touch dimmer switch, the lamp smoothly changes from full power to being fully off regardless of the light from under the lampshade. A heavy base in the color of exclusive walnut or refined oak topped with a textile lampshade perfectly fits in to an  elegant living room or office. A perfectly equilibrium between traditional and modern lighting.